Scott Quinn, Malou Lovis & Fiora - 17.07.2024


Scott Quinn

is one of those people who simply lives and breathes music. It’s in every facet of his existence, and always has been – right from those first moments as a child, when he was drawn towards the family turntable. “It’s always been in my life, whether I was listening or playing,” he explains. “I was always encouraged. If we were ever interested in anything then we were supported in it, and music was just one of them.” Born with an aptitude to playing music, Scott first focussed on the double bass – winning national championships, and even touring China. His natural ability, though, meant that he didn’t quite appreciate these achievements. “I didn’t practise enough. I felt a bit bad, really. It’s more of a natural ability because I can’t read music, I always played by ear.

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19:00 Doors
19:30 Concert