Natasa Huszár - STATION LIMINAL - 01.06.2024

I was born in 2000 in Budapest, Hungary and since 2018 I live in Berlin. I study literature, which strongly influences my works. Lyricism, symbolic expression, rituals of storytelling and an obsession with beauty testifies for my love for literature in my artistic practice.

My paintings show lost creatures lurking on crossroads and streets, haunting the liminal spaces of the border of reality and fantasy. Empty roads, lonesome trees and dark stairs echo the voices of the background to conjure swirls of memories, visions and emotions. In centre of my visual expression stands the topos of the human journey, and I show hidden sanctuaries filled with mysticism of the ordinary. Private spirituality and the connection to the transcendent are cardinal aspects of my works, merging Christian symbolism and pagan imagery in pursuit of roots and understanding. With dark, earthy colours, fading shapes and thin layers of oil paint I create dimly lit urban spaces and fictional landscapes. In these strange, yet familiar places humans and spirits appear in a moment of rest and contemplation. With my paintings I wish to invite the viewers to reflect upon their own journey and recall the fleeting moments of harmony.


Doors 17:00
Free Entrance